AI automated accounting for
Farms & other SMBs

The world's most advanced accounting automation and reporting platform for SMBs

What we do

Standardizing and automating accounting processes not only enhances efficiency but also liberates human potential to focus on tasks that truly add value.

By streamlining routine financial activities through advanced technologies and standardized procedures, we pave the way for the small & medium sized business finance team, their accountants and financial professionals to allocate their time and expertise toward decision making and problem-solving. NOT mind numbing accounting tasks.

AI Powered Back Office for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)


  • World leading, AI powered, line level document extraction & scalable processing workflow
  • Daily, weekly & period close automation tools for 1-person to very large back office teams with full accountant collaboration
  • Powerful, real-time, consolidated financial and management reporting
  • Reconciliation tools for your in-field or operational platforms to allow inventory and fixed costs to be correctly allocated
  • Deep integrations, secure & flexible roles/permissions creating the ultimate streamlined platform & accounting playbook

Packages to Suit Your Needs

Packages from self-help "Software As A Service (SaaS)" only, all the way up to fully outsourced back-office services based on your business needs, including Accountant collaboration tools.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Accountant Collaboration
Document Automation
Vendor/Customer Mgmnt
AP / AR Processing & seamless bill-pay
Advanced Accounting Automation
Sustainability / Compliance Reporting
Consolidated BI Dashboard
Fully outsourced back-office services

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